Stabilizing The Earth,
One Hole At A Time
Rock Removal
We are the go to company when all else fails.  Many sites today are "vibration sensitive" due to existing buildings, historical landmarks, nearby subway tracks and tunnels, heavy vehicle or pedestrian traffic, or simply for safety. Rock Blasting is becoming more and more restricted and the vibration is tremendous.  Hydraulic Hammers are the next option but if vibration is still a factor, they are not your ideal solution. Our method of rock removal, using hydraulic rock splitters, has never failed and vibration is almost insignificant.  This method is 100% controlled and with proper parameters, strictly what you need is strictly what is removed.  This type of equipment is ideal for elevator pits, utility trenches, and even wide open sites where the rock is extremely hard. 
In all situations where there is no relief for the rock, or the lack of a rock face, these hydraulic rock splitters are the most effective method for breakage and fracturing.
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