Stabilizing The Earth,
One Hole At A Time
Geo Technical
One of our specialties is stabilizing and retaining rock and overburden.  Do you need grout injected anchors to build on unsuitable soil?  No problem.  Do you need to retain a rock slope after excavation?  No problem.  Is your site a deep excavation that requires casings and shoring?  No problem.  In the picture below,  24" holes were drilled into the rock for the installation of a 12"  H-Pile.  6' - 9' holes were drilled into the solid rock and grouted to retain 12' - 20' of overburden above. 
We will customize our equipment to fit your needs as far as access to the work location and height restrictions with appropriate notice.  This particular job required mini equipment that could be lowered into the sub-basement through an elevator shaft.  A drill mast was adapted to a mini excavator to drill for 10 anchors for the installation of a tower crane pad.
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